CSR Activities

CSR Activities

At CreditAccess Grameen, we have always aligned business priorities with ‘Social Commitments’ targeting need-based interventions for community welfare in select states of our operating geographies. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) interventions are focused on enhancing quality of life of the communities that are located in the vicinity of business locations by way of creating awareness and providing support.

CSR Framework

For FY 2020-21, CA Grameen had a detailed CSR plan to work on WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene), Susikshana (Children Education Program) and Sugrama (Community Development Program). However, there was a breakout of the Covid-19 Pandemic in early 2020. Considering the seriousness of the situation, and the inevitability of spending towards health care/prevention and treatment of Corona Virus in India, the Govt of India has treated this as a notified disaster and has issued an Order on 23rd March 2020 making the spending of CSR funds for COVID-19, an eligible CSR activity.

Considering this, CA Grameen immediately decided to focus its CSR activities for FY 2020-21 towards the below activities:

  • Prevention and Precautionary activities
  • Support communities in dealing with issues caused by the Corona infection
  • Support communities in recovering from the Corona infection 
  • Support the households whose members have been deceased due to Corona infection

 Navya Disha, an NGO is the executing partner of CA Grameen’s CSR activities. The activities are conducted jointly by Navya Disha and CA Grameen staff at select branches. Branches were chosen across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh for implementing CSR activities.

 CSR Execution for FY 2020-21:

Covid Support

Based on the above, CA Grameen CSR Team had detailed discussions with the local Govt authorities across its operational areas, State administrations, District administrations, PHCs, THCs, DHOs, medical officers and Municipal commissioners to identify the support that can be provided on immediate basis to support the fight against the pandemic.

As outcome of these discussions, the following activities were selected to be executed in the CA Grameen operation areas of various states and districts.

  • Understand the need of local healthcare services and providing need-based support like Oxygen Concentrators, PPE Kits, Uniforms, Spraying Machines and others.
  • Distribution of Health Kits for frontline corona warriors like Police Dept, PHCs, THCs, Asha workers and Anganwadi workers. Health Kit consists of N95/Cotton Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Face Shields, Oximeters and Hand Gloves.
  • Distribution of Groceries to CORONA infected families, front-line labourers/workers of Municipal/Corporation and other departments.
  • Distribution of Oximeters to measure oxygen saturation for the infected.
  • Providing accessories to Covid Care Centers and Primary Health Centers

Item-wise Distribution for FY 2020-21:

Type Of Activity

Number of Institutions /Locations

Number of Beneficiaries

Number of Kits

Health Kits




Grocery Kits




PPE Kits/Quarantine Center Items




Thermal Scanners and other Items








*Includes details for Navya Disha as well

In addition to the above, CA Grameen also conducted Relief Activities in FY 2020-21, by responding and providing relief to those affected by floods. CA Grameen distributed Grocery Kits, Ration Items, and other necessities to those affected in the following states:

  • Maharashtra – Roha (Nisarga Cyclone)
  • Bihar – Muzaffarpur, Motihari
  • Karnataka – Kadur

Activities conducted by partnering with Navya Disha Trust: CSR programs are implemented jointly by ND and CA Grameen staff at selected branches. CSR programs conducted are:

  1. Combating Covid
  2. Sushikshana
  3. Sandbox
  4. Other relief activities
  1. Combating Covid: These programs aim to:
  • Build awareness among the communities
  • Enhance immunity (Nutrition, Immunity Boosting Food, Kitchen Gardening and Home remedies)
  • Support the vulnerable and infected by providing medical support, food essentials, safety equipment, etc.
  • Developing partnerships with Government, Local bodies, FMCG & Pharma Companies
  • Joint Programs with Anganwadi Workers, Asha Workers, Govt Hospitals, Public Health Institutions, etc.

Activities conducted:

  • Awareness to Kendra Members: They are Kendra level awareness events to individual Kendra members to educate them about the importance of wearing masks, maintaining social distance, importance of hand wash and diet habits to improve immunity. 78,178 members were impacted from 7,308 Kendras.
  • Awareness to General Community: This is a street/ward level awareness session conducted jointly with the Health Department team, about the precautionary and preventive measures against Covid. 4,400 village level awareness events were conducted, impacting 55,323 beneficiaries.
  • Public Awareness through Audio Broadcasting: This mode of creating awareness is to reach general public of a particular village/ward using loud speaker system attached to a mobilized vehicle and moving in the village. 1,918 Audio Broadcasting events conducted; 750 villages reached.
  • Joint Awareness Programs: The joint awareness programs are conducted in collaboration with the Department of Health, Police Department, Dept. of Women and Child Development and Gram Panchayats. 15 Joint Awareness events were conducted spreading to 14 villages and reaching 1,636 families.
  • Support to Line Departments: In order to deliver several services during COVID pandemic, various departments have requested to extend the man-power to provide services. 300 services provided to PHCs, Police, Municipality, Women & Child Development Dept, Gram Panchayat.
  • Covid Relief Services: As part of extending the support services to the corona warriors and infected families of CA Grameen, distribution of masks, sanitizers, groceries and other necessities have been provided through ND team.
  1. Susikshana: Government and Aided schools in select villages are approached and children who are studying in 8th, 9th and 10th standard were provided with awareness on WASH, Financial Literacy, Career Guidance and Combating Covid. The activities include team games, flow charts and live demos. The trainings facilitated for school students on pandemic were about:
  • Basic information on COVID-19 and its facts
  • Practical demo on maintaining physical and social distancing among students
  • Hand Wash demo and sharing on importance of Hand Wash
  • Wearing of face masks and its importance
  • Presentation on Nutrition and healthy food to boost immunity
  • Encouraging growing backyard kitchen gardens

Training sessions were conducted in 338 schools, reaching 10,946 students.

  1. Sandbox Activities: Sandbox activities are planned for a short-term tenure. Based on the success of these activities it will be considered for expansion to a larger scale. These programs are implemented by adopting 2 Gram Panchayats covering 26 villages:
  • Hosa Vantamuri in Belagavi district (10 Villages)
  • Urdigere in Tumkur district (16 Villages)

Activities under Sandbox are as follows:

  • Creating awareness on COVID: Conducted 44 events, reaching 1,164 beneficiaries
  • Mask making demonstrations at each Anganwadi level: Conducted 1 event, reaching 21 beneficiaries
  • Piloting Sushikshana Activates (Combating Covid): Conducted 21 events, reaching 564 beneficiaries
  • Awareness on Women Rights: Conducted 1 event, reaching 62 beneficiaries
  • International Women’s day Celebration and Felicitation to Covid Warriors: Conducted 3 events, reaching 108 beneficiaries
  • Trainings on Kitchen Garden: Conducted 4 training events, with 130 participants
  • Demonstrations on Kitchen Garden and Distribution of Saplings: 58 Kitchen Garden models demonstrated, reaching 58 beneficiaries
  • Capacity Building of farmers: Trainings and Exposure visits: Conducted 12 events, in which 241 farmers participated
  • Sustainable Agriculture Farm Model: Conducted 10 events, reaching 10 farmers
  1. Relief Activities: Navya Disha also has supported in other relief activities such as:
  • Flood Relief activity in the sates of Karnataka, Bihar, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
  • Name board to Hirisave Police Station
  • Renovation (painting) of Government School, Arsikere
  • Basic necessities to fire accident affected families in Kadur and Sakharayapatna