CreditAccess Grameen’s philosophy is based on our vision and mission and we ensure that the organization is focused towards achieving the same.

Vision – CreditAccess India

To be the preferred financial partner of Indian households lacking access to formal credit.

Mission – CreditAccess Grameen

To provide affordable credit and other financial services in a responsible, sustainable, reliable way to our customers matching their evolving needs.

CreditAccess Grameen`s Guiding Principles

CREATE stands for

COMMITTED We shall honour all our commitments. We are committed to our mission.

RELIABLE We shall not deviate from any of the policies and procedures.

EMPATHETIC We shall be sensitive to the situations and circumstances of the people with whom we are dealing and provide them support to the best of our abilities.

ACCOUNTABLE We shall be accountable for all our deeds, actions and words.

TRANSPARENT We shall provide full disclosures, to all our clients, in terms of the services and fees. We shall make our financial statements, reports and accounts as clear and as comprehensive as possible.

EFFICIENT We shall be punctual, disciplined in all transactions with our stakeholders, strive towards reducing operational costs and thereby provide services to our customers in a cost-effective manner.