General Meetings (AGM/EGM)

Results of Voting and Scrutinizer’s Report at 31st AGM – 26th July, 2022Download
Proceedings of the 31st AGM – 25th July, 2022Download
31st AGM Notice – 25th July, 2022Download
ESOP Disclosure – SBEB Regulation FY 2021-22Download
Annual Return Form No. MGT-7 FY 2021-22Download
Annual Return Form No. MGT-7 FY 2020-21Download
30th AGM Notice – 30th July, 2021Download
Proceeding of the 30th AGM- 30th July , 2021Download
Scrutinizer Report – 30th July, 2021Download
ESOP Disclosure – SBEB Regulation FY 2020-21Download
Proceeding of the 1st EGM -27th September, 2020Download
Scrutinizer Report -27th September, 2020Download
EGM Notice – 26th September, 2020Download
Scrutinizer Report – 13th August, 2020Download
Proceeding of the 29th AGM -12th August, 2020Download
Articles of Association post listing – 11th August, 2020Download
29th AGM Notice – 20th July, 2020Download
Extract of Annual Returns as at 31st March, 2020Download
Result of voting at 28th AGM – 02nd August, 2019Download
28th AGM Notice – 01st August, 2019Download
ESOP Disclosure – SBEB Regulation FY 2019-20Download
Result of Voting at 27th AGM – 22nd November, 2018Download
27th AGM Notice -21st November, 2018Download
Proceeding of the 27th AGM -21st November, 2018Download
Information on cut-off Date for Remote e-voting and AGM -26th October, 2018Download
ESOP Disclosure – SBEB Regulation FY 2018-19Download
26th AGM Notice -28th June, 2017Download
25th AGM Notice -29th June, 2016Download
24th AGM Notice -22nd June, 2015Download