Workplace Environment

CreditAccess Grameen’s employees are all individuals who want to make a difference to society at large. They understand that the primary force guiding microfinance is to effectively transform the lives of lakhs of women. CreditAccess Grameen, therefore, provides its employees with the necessary coaching, training and support. A firm believer in the open door policy, CreditAccess Grameen ensures that our top management is connected with all the employees. CreditAccess Grameen has opened diverse channels of communication enabling an easy flow of ideas towards building new policies and processes.

From regular updates to monthly review meetings for all the departments, CreditAccess Grameen’s workforce is constantly in touch with our top management, to ensure that all the departments work coherently with each other to build a conducive work environment and service our clients better.

CreditAccess Grameen’s monthly newsletter captures snippets of all the different activities across different regions and gives at a glance reports of major events and news within the organization.

CreditAccess Grameen is an equal opportunities employer and we at CreditAccess Grameen recognise everyone equally in different areas of employment, ranging from hiring, job assignments, compensations, promotions, disciplines and access to benefits and training. We trust in encouraging a culture wherein our employees can bring about a work-life balance via our different initiatives including workshops at work place, celebrating special occasions, conducting team outings etc.