Credit Ratings

Social Ratings & Certifications

Gold Certificate in CPP by M-CRIL – June 2022

CreditAccess Grameen Limited has been evaluated according to the universal standards set by the SPTF-CERISE Client Protection Framework and found to take adequate measures to implement customer-oriented practices.

SPI4 Social Audit by Cerise – May 2019

SPI4 is an audit tool developed by CERISE to assess the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management, which include the Client Protection Certification Standards. The SPI4 is currently being used in more than 60 countries.

Social Rating – ∑α with a positive outlook by M-CRIL – May 2019

M-CRIL defines CAGL to have Strong social commitment, very good systems, evidence for good adherence to social mission and values and also says it suggests that the institution is expected to improve its rating in one-year period to one higher notch.