Lending a helping hand in flood-affected Chitradurga

Oct 2021: Heavy rains had lashed out in several parts of Chitradurga district in Karnataka, causing severe disruption of lives and livelihoods.

On 20th October 2021, the CA Grameen team extended assistance to more than 17 distressed families by distributing grocery kits. Each kit included essential items like pulses, rice, wheat, ragi, flour, cooking oil, salt, spices, sugar, etc. The grocery kits were handed over to Mr. Patthalingaiah, Gram Panchayat President, Nagaramgere village, Chitradurga district, who distributed the kits to the flood victims.  

Speaking on this occasion, a Gram Panchayat member said, “The recent floods have caused severe damage in various parts of Chitradurga. During this period, the organization distributed grocery kits to the flood victims and displayed humanity. We thank them for this initiative.”