Mangalamma, 32, who lives in a village near Halagur in Karnataka, had a sericulture unit initially that was barely enough to support her family. Seven years ago, she joined Grameen Koota and availed the first loan to buy a cow.

With constant source of income coming from the cattle, Mangalamma realised the need to expand her cattle stock with timely loans provided by Grameen Koota. Now, she also has one buffalo, 5 goats and 15 sheep, which provide reliable source of income for the entire household.

“With Grameen Koota loans, we are able to start the unit and grow it over the period successfully,” said Mangalamma, showing the cattle in the backyard. In addition, Mangalamma has expanded her sericulture unit with support from Grameen Koota loans to buy equipment. “With Grameen Koota loans, we purchased a stand for silkworms and improved the sericulture yield now. But our main focus has remained our cattle,” she added.