Deepanjali, a customer of CreditAccess Grameen and her husband Lokesh, hails from Tumkur, who tread the path of success through hard work.
Working in a factory under tough conditions had never been easy for Deepanjali, especially when it started taking a toll on her health. It was during this period that her husband, Lokesh advised her to quit her job and try something on their own.

Deepanjali’s determination to rise

Deepanjali joined the Microfinance Group. Aided by the support of CA Grameen and her husband, they borrowed a loan of Rs 25,000/- to set up their own small Kirana and Tea shop. On hearing about the individual loans, they approached CA Grameen and availed a loan of Rs 1,00,000/-. A part of this was used to enhance stock supplies and for the expansion of their shop, while the other portion of the loan was invested in the packaging business of camphor and incense sticks. “We are happy as we are making profits from our store and our dairy business. Because of this, we also have some savings in the bank,” says Lokesh.
With Deepanjali’s determination and with the help of Credit Access Grameen, they look forward to open a small factory in the future.