Ms. Sunitha, a resident of Thanni in Kerala has been a CA Grameen customer for 3 years now. She makes Christmas paper stars and sells them to a church supply store near her house to support her family of 7.

Finding a glimmer of hope! - Ms. Sunitha, Kerala
Finding a glimmer of hope in Christmas stars

Sunitha started the business with her humble savings. As the demand for her paper stars grew, she felt the need for an increased capital investment to fulfil the orders. It was then, she approached CA Grameen for loans. With a confident smile she remarks, “My Christmas stars are priced at the range of about INR 18 per star to over INR 160 a star, and currently on an average, I have earned a profit of about INR 75,000 on a capital investment of INR 50,000!” Speaking about her dreams, she says, “I have recently availed
a loan of INR 48,000 from CA Grameen to expand my business. Growth in the business will enable me to educate my children well and empower them to lead a better life!”

Sunitha’s job is something she has found for herself and enjoys doing. We are honoured to help her successfully earn a living by doing what she does, at a scale she can manage.