Three years ago, Nandini, wife of Mr. Basavaraj, joined Grameen Koota as a member when she heard about the organisation from her sister. She took a loan to help her husband buy an auto-rickshaw and earn a livelihood for the family. She was attending Kendra meetings regularly and never thought that her association with Grameen Koota would one day change the course of her life. When Grameen Koota opened up field officer posts for women, Nandini, who had  studied up to PUC, applied immediately after consulting her husband and parents.  Nandini was duly called for a test, which she has cleared successfully and soon her name was on the notice board as one of the successful candidates selected for training as Grameen Koota field officers.

“I was like any other member attending Grameen Koota meetings in the mornings enthusiastically but never thought that I would one day become the field officer and hold such meetings for other members,” said Nandini, recalling her initial days in Grameen Koota. Sitting in Halagur office, Nandini said she is now confident to overcome any challenges in life. She said she would strive to bring a good name for the organisation which has made her proud. “I feel happy and privileged to be working for an organization which has been transforming so many families,” she said with a note of pride in her voice. As life for Nandini changed dramatically ever since she became a field officer, many members in her locality look upon her as a role model.