Gowramma, 28, has been a member of Grameen Koota since 2007 and she fondly remembers her association with the organization from the time she took her first loan to venture into goat farming.Gowramma lives in a hut adjacent to a brick kiln, where her husband works as tractor driver. “It was my own plan to start goat business,” said Gowramma, recollecting how she started the business.
When she had learnt from her neighbours about Grameen Koota, she said it made perfect sense for her to join the MFI and take loan to start goat farming as she is at home most of the time. Gowramma used her first loan of Rs.10,000 from Grameen Koota to buy goats and build a small shed for them. “I take care of them at home and my husband takes them out for grazing in nearby forest,” she explained.
Now Gowramma owns 18 goats. She sells each goat for about Rs. 4,000, adding significant income to her household. During the Bakrid season, she said the price will reach the peak at Rs.15,000 each.   With Grameen Koota supporting her throughout, Gowramma is confident to go for the next level soon. She is planning to extend the shed in the backyard of their small hut so that they can add more goats and increase the income.

“We are planning to apply for Home Improvement Loan first and then buy more goats,” she said.With her goat farming going steady, Gowramma knows when and how to scale it up with support from Grameen Koota.