Ms. Varalakshmi, a resident of a small village in Mysore, has been our customer for 20 years now. She works as a dairy farmer for a living. Initially, she had 15 cows in her herd with which she managed to supply around 30-40 litres of milk every day to the nearby milk collection (dairy) centres. Varalakshmi has been in the business for over 10 years and aspired to expand her business. When a CA Grameen loan officer introduced her to Grameen Unnati Loan, (the company’s high-ticket business loan), she found the right impetus to put her business on the fast track!

Varalakshmi finds her entrepreneurial calling in dairy farming

Sharing her experience with Unnati loans, she remarks, “I required large capital investment to scale up my business. When I was introduced to Unnati loans, I felt it would be beneficial for my business owing to its high-ticket size, affordable interest rates, and minimal documentation features.” She further says, “The loans are approved quickly, usually within just 2-3 days of submission of the application. So, there is no more long waiting period!” With a confident smile, she adds, “Unnati loans helped me to add 4 extra cows to the herd. The capacity of milk production has improved and I am earning good profits now!”