Kalpana is a proud member of CA Grameen, who lives in a village near Pondicherry with her family, consisting of her husband and three college-going children. She used to work as a daily wage labourer along with her husband in a local Drishti doll making industry. Even after working dedicatedly for the whole day, she and her husband could barely make both the ends meet.

She found a glimmer of hope in her otherwise dull life when an officer from CA Grameen visited her village and explained how easy it was to take loans from microfinance companies such as CA Grameen. Kalpana was quite taken with the idea of owning her own business and decided to take a loan for the same and consequently remove the issue of paying the middlemen, who took a hefty commission from them. Her loan application at CA Grameen was sanctioned without any hassle, and she used the capital to buy raw materials required to make Drishti dolls. Within no time, she established a stable business with her husband, which brought the much-needed financial stability to her household. She went on to take more loans to aid the education of her children and build a better and secured future for them.

Kalpana has been a loyal member of CA Grameen and can’t stop herself from showering us with accolades for her success. She says, “CA Grameen is an outstanding initiative, and people like me should avail benefits from it.” The idea of being financially independent has not only brought happiness in Kalpana’s life but managed to boost the confidence of other women in her village who are willing to give wings to their aspiration of being an entrepreneur.