Rajamani’s story of determination in the face of hardship
Rajamani’s story of determination and hope!

A few years ago, Mrs. Rajamani and her husband Swami Nayak were burdened with many financial difficulties. They did not have a source of income of their own and were completely dependent on their elder son’s earnings in fulfilling the family requirements. She decided to join CreditAccess Grameen as a customer of group lending and availed a small sum of money to set up the provision store she dreamt of having. Her husband was supportive and encouraged her to achieve her dreams.

As time went by, Mrs. Rajamani kept availing loans as per her business requirements. She worked hard to keep her business running and to repay her loans on time. In a short span of time, they started reaping the fruits of their hard work.

However, they faced a major setback when she and her husband both fell ill at the same time and had to undergo serious surgeries. Owing to the heavy medical expenses they incurred, they could not look after the running of their business and temporarily shut down the provision store, which was very disheartening to her and her husband. After her medical recovery, she wanted to get back on her feet and wondered how to restart her life all over again.

She again approached CreditAccess Grameen officials for the loans and availed an Individual loan for the revival and expansion of their business. They are now successfully running their store. “There is nothing stopping me from achieving my dreams”, says Rajamani. “From the time of not owning anything to owning everything; facing a setback to again getting back up on my feet, I owe this to CreditAccess Grameen.” She and her family strongly believe that the support given to them by CreditAccess Grameen has provided them with monetary, psychological and economic standing in the society.

Leading a successful life now, Rajamani plans to venture also into dairy farming, as she owns a small plot of land. She also plans to expand her provision store into a bigger entity.