Shashikala, 35 years, a resident of Kanakapura district in Karnataka has been a CreditAccess customer for four years now. A few years ago, her husband faced a huge loss in his business that brought unseen troubles for the household. Due to the loss, she was unable to support her family of 5 and could not afford to pay the school fees of her 3 children.
To overcome the financial problems, her husband’s friend suggested her to open a provision store. It was then Shashikala became a microfinance costumer. Aided by CreditAccess Grameen, Shashikala took her first collateral-free, easy to access income generation loan of INR 35000/- to successfully set up her provision store and overcome the financial problems. She could now purchase products on a wholesale price from her husband’s friend and sell them in her retail store. Since then Shashikala has successfully taken several other loans to expand her business as well as education loans to pay the fee of her children on time. With the support of her family and timely loans from CreditAccess Grameen Limited, she is now a proud independent owner of her store.
“CreditAccess Grameen came as a savior in my life. It helped me and my family when we needed it the most. With hassle-free and timely loans from CreditAccess at affordable rates and small EWI’s, I can now run my store in an efficient manner,” says Shashikala.
Owning her own business has given tremendous confidence to Shashikala, she is now a well-respected member of her family as well as her community. She has proved to be an inspiration to many women in her area who wish to do something of their own. With her entrepreneurial skills and help of CreditAccess Grameen, Shashikala hopes to expand her business in future to further help her family.