Ms. Sunanda from Tumkur has been a CreditAccess Grameen customer since 2003 and runs an eatery for a living. Before this, she had a small tea stall, but her earnings weren’t enough to support her family’s needs.  However, Sunanda was determined to provide a better future for her family, so she started her own tiffin service. She took out loans from the company and used them to support her venture. Her business improved gradually and after some time, she expanded her services beyond tiffin and began catering lunch orders too. She says with a smile, “Through my hard work and the support of loans from the company, my eatery is running well, and I have also employed four people to help me manage it.”

She further adds, “CreditAccess Grameen was the first microfinance institution to operate in our village. It trusted us with collateral-free loans and brought hope to our lives. I have used their loans to improve my eatery, purchase cattle, and for other needs.”

Thanking the company, she says, “Apart from giving us loans, the company has taught us about the importance of financial independence and finance management, too. This has boosted our self-confidence!”