“I have four tailoring machines now. Earlier I was doing this alone, with just one machine. Now, my husband and daughter have joined the business too,” says Nasreen Taj, a Grameen Koota client for the past 7 years. Nasreen says she was happy with her single machine and her limited earnings. “The thought of expanding my business never occurred to me because I didn’t have access to finance,” says Nasreen.

The thought of expanding my business never occurred to me earlier – Nasreen Taj

“I took a loan from Grameen Koota and bought a second machine. My business grew and my husband joined me. Our earnings increased. We bought two more machines. Our daughter also joined us as our business continued to grow. I was able to educate my son from my earnings,” she says.

By growing her business and saving wisely, Nasreen says she was able to build a house without taking a loan. Both her children are married. She says since becoming a Grameen Koota client, she has felt supported on her journey. “I might have still done all this without Grameen Koota, but I would have struggled a lot,” she says. “Grameen Koota comes to my house,” she says simply summing up her almost decade long association with the organization. Nasreen has now taken an education loan for her grandson. “He studies in a private school,” she says with pride.