August 2021: On 29 August 2021, Mr. Udaya Kumar Hebbar, Managing Director & CEO, CreditAccess Grameen Limited, interacted with students of the National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM), Pune, in an online leadership talk series- “VISHLESHAN”.

The host commenced the session with a welcome note and briefly introduced Mr. Hebbar to the participants. Thereafter, Mr. Hebbar took over the stage, extended his greetings to the participants, and began his presentation on the topic “The Role of MFI in Financial Industry”. He introduced the participants to CreditAccess Grameen Limited and elucidated its unique customer-centric business model, focus on quality service, loyalty, and retention. He also spoke about the company’s integrated approach towards financial inclusion, its inclusive and diverse human capital with assorted skillsets, vital to achieving the objectives of the company.

Further, Mr. Hebbar discussed the concept of financial inclusion with the students. He acquainted them with the role of NBFCs in resolving the issues of financial inclusion in the country by providing hassle-free and affordable financial services to the underbanked. He also introduced the students to India’s national strategy for financial inclusion which aims to provide access to formal financial services to all the citizens in an affordable manner. It aims to broaden & deepen financial inclusion, promote financial literacy and protect the consumer. Post this, he discussed various Government and RBI initiatives for promoting financial inclusion in the country.

The webinar was followed by a Question and Answer session with the students. The students asked various questions related to regulations in MFI, optimal use of financial services, the importance of MFI during the pandemic, challenges faced by MFIs from new-age fintech companies, digital innovation and technologies adapted by MFI’s in their services, etc.

Over 160 students participated in the session. They expressed their delight in getting to know about the microfinance industry. They learnt about the operation of MFIs, their role in supporting small businesses across the country, rural financing and the associated challenges, etc. At the end of the session, NIBM extended its gratitude to Mr. Hebbar for devoting some of his valuable time to the students and delivering a knowledge–rich session.