Ms. Shyamala is one of our customers from Tamil Nadu who hails from a family of Kanchipuram silk saree weavers. Kanchipuram silk sarees are exquisite silk sarees from the Kanchi region in Tamil Nadu, renowned for their timeless richness and myriad colours. They are woven from pure mulberry silk and intricately decorated with beautiful motifs. 

Weaving hope through handloom

Shyamala’s family has been engaged in this traditional craft as a livelihood for many generations. But with only a single handloom machine at her disposal, Shyamala had a tough time completing the orders for silk sarees on time.  

She found a beacon of hope when one of our loan officers introduced her to our hassle-free and affordable loans. Shyamala decided to opt for it and availed her first loan of INR 35,000. With the help of the loan, coupled with her savings, she added an extra handloom machine to her workshop.  

She confidently remarks, “The demand for Kanchipuram sarees have risen, and I receive orders for festivals, weddings, and engagement ceremonies from premium stores and brands. The additional loom which I purchased with the help of the loan has come in very handy, especially with the rising demand. Both my husband and I have started working together to fulfil orders on time, and our business has now gained momentum. Apart from sarees, we also weave silk dhotis and skirts and earn around INR 4,000 plus bonus per order.”  

She further adds, “The best part of availing loans from CA Grameen is that the loans are collateral-free and comes at an affordable interest rate. This has allowed me to repay the loan in easy instalments and reduced my financial burden”. 

Speaking about CA Grameen, she tells, “I have availed loans from the company at various occasions, be it for our business needs or to fulfil our daughter’s educational expenses. The loans have helped us a lot and our lives have improved now. Thank you.”