Message from Managing Director

“The mission continues to be guided by the philosophy of balancing economic growth with social responsibility.”

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of CreditAccess Grameen Limited. I am sure you will find this dynamic and interactive website easy to navigate with quick access to information and answers to your queries.

The institution started as a Trust in a small village in Bengaluru and has grown into a valuable market brand on the back of over two decades of perseverance. Vinatha Reddy (Founder) and Suresh Krishna (Co-founder) nurtured the institution as an NGO and transitioned it to an NBFC in 2007-08. The strong fundamentals inculcated by the founders helped us attract key investors and transformed the institution into a mainstream NBFC-MFI thereafter. The experienced and stable management team helped us adapt relevant technology, innovation and strategies to continue to enhance our customer experience and increase market share to become the largest and trusted MFI understanding the pulse of rural economy.

Our customer-centric business model has withstood the test of times. The mission continues to be guided by its philosophy of balancing economic growth with social responsibility to effect lasting and meaningful change in the lives of its customers from the bottom of pyramid.

We believe in lean and efficient operations to offer the most competitive prices for our products. This has helped us deliver the right business and financial results and strengthened our ability to deliver long-term benefits to our stakeholders. Looking ahead, we intend to continue to replicate our growth and build on the strength of our brand. Our continuous investment in innovation, new technologies, new products and community development programs guided by management team, have helped us maintain high-quality portfolio.

On behalf of my team and our honorable Board Members, I thank all our stakeholders, especially our clients who inspire us every day to join hands with them to build stronger and more prosperous communities that can actively participate in India’s vibrant growth story.

I hope the website provides you the information you are looking for and is easy to navigate. I welcome any suggestions which can add more value to it.