Celebrating 25 years of impact and gratitude, we take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey, and the people along the way, that have made this milestone possible. A heartfelt shout-out to our invaluable #partners who’ve been our pillars of support, aligning with our endeavour to advance #FinancialInclusion across rural India.

1. OeEB – The Development Bank of Austria

#PartnerSpeak: Gratitude in the spotlight! Thank you, Sabine Gaber, Member of the Executive Board, OeEB Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG – The Development Bank of Austria, for your wonderful anecdote. Here’s to many more years of strengthening #FinancialInclusion together!

2. Swedfund

#PartnerSpeak : Gratitude in the spotlight! Thank you, Jane Niedra, Investment Director Financial Inclusion, Swedfund International, for your kind words. We’re excited to build an inclusive future for India’s rural women with your support!

3. WaterEquity

#PartnerSpeak : Gratitude in the spotlight! Thank you, Paul O’Connell, President & CEO, WaterEquity, for your testimonial. We’re greatly passionate about expanding water and sanitation access for #RuralIndia through our partnership! 

4. Hana Bank

#PartnerSpeak : Gratitude in the spotlight! Thank you, APURAV GARG, Assistant General Manager, KEB Hana Bank, for your kind words. Here’s to many more years of collaboration and positive impact! 

5. BlueOrchard

#PartnerSpeak : Gratitude in the spotlight! Many thanks to Dhruv Malhotra, Senior Investment Officer at BlueOrchard, for his sincere words. Our joint commitment fuels our passion, and we’re thrilled to champion this partnership for many years to come! 

6. International Finance Corporation

#PartnerSpeak : Gratitude in the spotlight! Special thanks to Divya Singh, Senior Investment Officer, IFC – International Finance Corporation for the anecdote. Looking forward to continuing this impactful journey together! 

7. ICICI Bank

#PartnerSpeak : Gratitude in the spotlight! Many thanks to Neeraj Biyani, Product Head – Microfinance, ICICI Bank for your lovely anecdote. We cherish this 14-year-long partnership and are excited for what the future holds for us!