Anita Kachhi, 43 years, a resident of Panagar village, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh has been a customer of CreditAccess Grameen for the past two years now. This started as a hobby with sewing as a young girl, she soon learnt tailoring and embroidery. Like all young girls she got married at a young age and settled down in Panagar village with her husband. She has two children a boy and a girl. With a desire to improve the standard of living for both her and her family, Anita signed-up for a loan with CA Grameen. Since receiving her loan, Anita bought her first sewing machine and her business has expanded significantly. She started off with some orders of stitching blouses she slowly started getting more orders of readymade garments and further orders from nearby garment factories.
“I started off with small orders from the neighborhood for stitching blouses and embroidery, slowly local factories started giving me orders, that is how my business has grown.” Anita says she is able to outsource some of the work to women in her village thus giving other women also a chance to dream. “I am so happy now, I am able to contribute to my family finances, I don’t have any worries and I have given my daughter also an opportunity to grow.”